Shopping for a child at a certain age proves a difficult task to any parent. The child has started developing her own unique interests as compared to the days where you would buy anything fitting and be done for the day. The use of a sleeping bag is mainly to keep one warm during camping; different sleeping bags for kids are made for different weather conditions. A child’s interest in getting a sleeping bag may be influenced by the peers. It is solely the duty of a parent to choose the suitable kids sleeping bags. When looking for the perfect sleeping bag, one should put into consideration the following factors below.

Different Types of Sleeping Bags

There are different types of sleeping bags. There is the rectangular sleeping bag, the mummy sleeping bag and the semi-rectangular sleeping bag. The rectangular sleeping bag is the most affordable sleeping bag as it, usually, has more space in it for a child to move around in. The rectangular shape is best for the child who sleeps with a staffed animal at home. The mummy sleeping bag, on the other hand, is lightweight and has less room in it which makes it more snugly. The semi-rectangular bag shares a few of both the mummy bag and the rectangular bag. Knowing your child sleeping habits will help to decide the best type of sleeping bag for him/her.

Sleeping Bag Temperature Ratings

A sleeping bag has got different temperature ratings to choose from. The temperature range falls from the upper limit rating to the extreme rating.

  • The upper limit rating is the highest temperature where an average man can sleep smoothly throughout the night without much sweating.
  • The comfort rating is where an average woman can enjoy a good night’s sleep comfortably.
  • The lower limit is considered the lowest temperature at which the average man/woman can sleep comfortably throughout the night.
  • Lastly, there is the extreme rating. This is a survival rating that is not advisable to the normal camper.

Examples Of Kids Sleeping BagsThe choice of temperature rating entirely depends on the surrounding climate and weather conditions. The camper is free to choose the rating that they find best suitable for them. In the case of children, the supervising adult should choose the right temperature rating for child. The adult should consider sickly children who may have asthma and other cold stimulated diseases before choosing an appropriate temperature rate.

Don’t Forget About Different Shapes

The shape of a sleeping bag is also considered to be a significant factor while choosing a sleeping bag for children. A barrel shaped sleeping bag, for example, is good for a child with a larger build; some children tend to grow at a very fast rate and, therefore, sprouting quite early. Some bags that are especially intended for women are short and narrow at the shoulders and wider at the hips.

A bag that has this kind of shape may be considered ideal for a child who does not move around much in their sleep. The best bag however for the child is one that offers hoods for extra warmth especially in cold areas.

Make a Note About Durability

Being on the lookout for a sleeping bag that is durable will save on a lot of time and also financial strain. By acquiring a durable sleeping bag, purchasing one every time the need arises becomes a past tense story.

Pick the Color

This may seem a very trivial factor, but a child is always specific when it comes to color. The wrong choice of color may cause the child not to use the sleeping bag at all. Boys will be into a duller or militant color whereas a girl would be more specific and would want a color that matches her outfit or her luggage.

To avoid temper tantrums and episodes getting the child’s best color is in both the child’s as well as the mothers interests.

Sleeping Bags For KidsSleeping Bag Sizes

Different bags come in different size. Before acquiring a sleeping bag, consideration of the child’s size becomes crucial. The child might be young but tall, thereby prompting the need of getting a long sleeping bag. The child might be short hence a shorter one becomes a more suitable choice.

Measuring the child’s height before and corresponding it to the length of the sleeping bag is the best way to choose a good sleeping bag for the child.

Check the Quality

Quality always triumphs quantity. A good quality sleeping bag will last over the years and it will save you many trips to the store every time a camping trip draws near. A good quality bag is not only reliable, but also eye-catching for the people who are into self-profiles.

What About the Cost?

A sleeping bag is an item that the child will only need to use on special occasions. Unlike a school bag, a sleeping bag will only be used accountable times in a year. Having this in mind, big spending should not be a priority. Considering a sleeping bag that is pocket-friendly undoubtedly makes a lot more sense. The clothes that one wears inside the sleeping bag play a huge role in keeping the child warm. Depending on the climate surroundings, one would want to keep the child warm if the area is cold and also maintain a cool temperature if the surrounding temperatures are high.

Still in Confusion?

If you are still not able to decide the suitable sleeping bag for your child, here are various models to choose from-

Grizzly 2 Person +0 Degree Rip Stop

Grizzly 2 Person +0 Degree Rip StopDescription: this is the coziest sleeping bag that you can use whenever you go out camping or even when challenging the night with your friends or hiding from ghosts. Nothing says “protection” like this sleeping bag which will give you the power and defense needed to fend off any unknown creatures of the wilderness. The interior is made for protection against cold temperatures and all sorts of dangerous weather.

Features: those large mounted zippers are perfect for whenever you want to feel like a cocoon and see how much you can resist in a hot environment, just like a butterfly.

Benefits: no matter how cold the outside temperature will be, you will always feel just like at home under the protection of something tough.

Pros and cons: the good part is that you will never want to leave the inside of your little cocoon ever again; the bad part is that eventually you’ll have to go to supper.

Outsunny Two-Person Double Wide Sleeping Bag With Pillows

Outsunny Two-Person Double WideDescription: double the space means double the fun; now you can take you best friend with you on camping trips without the need to bring an extra sleeping bag because this one is made for two best friends to share the same space.

Features: the entire package offers the best protection against any dangerous temperatures that might give you that awful flu over the night, and keep you safe from any medicine

Benefits: a comfy and cozy good night’s sleep is guaranteed in situation, no matter where you are, either camping outdoors or sleeping indoor.

Pros and cons: the good part is that you will have room to bring another friend with you, while the bad is that you can’t bring more than one

Huge Double Sleeping Bag With Pillows

Huge Double Sleeping Bag with PillowsDescription: bring two more friends to the trip with this huge sleeping bag that can carry all the fun without the need of extra equipment. Give the gift of sharing the space with your friends without feeling too cramped or tied up.

Features: aside from the fact that it is waterproof, you will also get two extra pillows, because, what is a bed without pillows?

Benefits: one huge benefit is the fact that you will never have to wash this ever again; your mom will do it for you.

Pros and cons: the good part is that it will last you a lifetime, the bad part is that you will eventually grow up and the space will get smaller.

Kelty Toddler’s Woobie 30 Degree Sleeping Bag

Woobie 30 Degree Girls ShortDescription: with this pink sleeping bag, you will be the cutest little mummy in the camping site. How is that? The sleeping bag will cover you entire body and even your head, just to keep that precious head safe and warm from cold temperatures.

Features: the mummy shaped sleeping bag will transport you into the ancient Egyptian era by making you feel just like a newborn mummy going back to sleep.

Benefits: you will never have to watch the history channel ever again.

Pros and cons: the best part about this sleeping bag is that you can hide in it whenever you play hide and seek, the bad part is that is you’ll eventually fall asleep from waiting to be discovered.

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Mollie

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch MollieDescription: this cute little bug shaped creature is in fact a sleeping bag that awaits for your presence, so get inside and let it protect you against the cold temperatures of the night during camping.

Features: the sleeping bag is stuffed with specials powers that grant you immunity against all the dangers of the night whenever you feel sleepy.

Benefits: you will have your own huge lady-bug that will protect you and love you.

Pros and cons: the best part about this is that all your friends will be jealous of your new “pet”, the bad part is that it needs a wash now and then.

Melissa & Doug Augie Alligator

Melissa & Doug Augie AlligatorDescription: this green blue eyed lizard is in fact Auggie, the alligator sleeping bag. Its purpose is to protect the children from the queen of the cold winds and help them defeat the fear of the night.

Features: the little alligator come with a sleeping bag so that the little one can carry his trusty friend wherever he wants to.

Benefits: a good night’s sleep followed by happy dreams and a lot of smiles.

Pros and cons: the good is that it doesn’t eat little children, the bad part is that it doesn’t talk.

Kelty Woobie

Best Toddlers Sleeping Bags for CampingDescription: this mummy shaped sleeping bag offers complete protection against any dangerous temperature or creature of the night because it is shaped exactly like the tombstones used by the Egyptians.

Features: two zippers on either sides to make you feel enclosed in inside a protective shield with extra head protection

Benefits: the profound feel of a good night’s sleep accompanied by peaceful dreams.

Pros and cons: the good part is that you won’t have to watch history channel to learn about the mummies, and the bad part is that it doesn’t work like a time machine.

The Shrunks Indoor Sleeping Bag For Toddler Ttravel Bed

The Shrunks Indoor Sleeping Bag for Shrunks Toddler Travel BedDescription: a new and improved snugly sleeping bag that can be combined with the travel bed to create a soft and cozy sleeping environment for the child.

Features: the blankets works as a protective shield which will act in defense of the child against the monsters “under the bed”.

Benefits: no need for mommy and daddy anymore because the little one will tuck herself in and travel to dreamland in no time.

Pros and cons: the good side of this is that it is perfect for little kids who like to feel at home, but the bad side is that they will eventually grow up.

Wenzel Moose

Wenzel Moose Sleeping BagDescription: would you like to be a friend of the animals? By using this sleeping bag with moose and trees on it you will blend right in with the nature and become one with the wilderness.

Features: the special materials that are used will keep you warm during the cold camping nights and make you feel embraced by nature like the loving hands of a mother.

Benefits: you can use it as a slumber party sleeping bag also

Pros and cons: the good part about it is that you will be the center of attention during the slumber party, the bad part is that you will make your friends jealous.

Slumberjack Kid’s Big Scout 30 Degree

Slumberjack Kid's Big Scout-Girl Scout 30 DegreeDescription: this sarcophagus shaped sleeping bag will make you feel like a worm ready to transform into a butterfly through its cocoon. Or maybe you’ll feel like an old mummy ready for its one thousand year old slumber.

Features: a good waterproof material is used to protect you against any disturbance.

Benefits: you’ll have an uninterrupted sleep during which a vast number of peaceful dreams will come to you.

Pros and cons: the good parts is that no one will interrupt your sleep, the bad part is that you’ll still need your parents to wake you up.

Disney Youth Princess

Disney Youth PrincessDescription: every princess will eventually become a queen, but for that to happen she needs a palace, and this sleeping bag does all that is needed to create the best environment for someone as worthy.

Features: sturdy built and able to withstand any attack from the enemy freeze queen.

Benefits: a higher chance to meet the perfect prince charming.

Pros and cons: the good part is that you will feel protected against any wicked witch, but the bad side is that you’ll eventually have to leave the castle once in a while.

Hello Kitty Youth

Hello Kitty Youth Sleeping BagDescription: filled with love and lots of joy, hello kitty returns on your sleeping bag for girls to make you feel at home and safe against the dangerous wilderness animals.

Features: lots and lots of pink, which is the warmest color that there is.

Benefits: you will feel happier the more you stay in it

Pros and cons: the good part is that the pink color doesn’t wear off, but the bad side is that hello kitty isn’t real.

Monster High Slumber Tote

Monster High Slumber ToteDescription: be the coolest and the coziest with this Monster High sleeping bag. Show your love for this kid’s show by sleeping in one of the most protective nap sacks, either indoors during sleepovers or outdoor during camping.

Features: your favorite characters make an appearance on the portable sleeping bag as well on the pillow.

Benefits: you will never feel out of fashion or cold whenever you are going to use this modern sleeping bag

Pros and cons: the good thing about this is the coolness that will give you a place to shine within your friends, but the bad part is that it needs a good wash sometimes.

Wildkin Fairies Nap Mat

Wildkin Fairies Nap MatDescription: the keyword here is cuteness overload. Perfect for the little toddlers that want to feel right at home whether they’re on a camping trip or at a friend’s house during a slumber party.

Features: butterflies and fairies imprinted on the sack and the sleeping bag to ensure that fairytale dreams will come without a problem.

Benefits: it can be transported with ease because of its portable sack in which the sleeping bag can be put in.

Pros and cons: the good part is that the fairies are very friendly with children, the bad part is that neither of them is the tooth fairy.

In The End Last Video & Words About Kids Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags for kids is not only limited to the camping site. Having a sleeping bag comes in handy when the child is invited for a sleepover or when hosting one as well. This way, cleaning up after the sleep becomes a much more favorable task.

A lightweight and foldable kids sleeping bags are also best for the children especially in hiking scenarios. This way, the child does not get easily tired from moving around with the sleeping bag that is well attached to a backpack.

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