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Top 6 Sleeping Bags for Girls Reviewed

By   September 20, 2014

How To Choose Sleeping Bags For Girls ?

What is the purpose of a sleeping bag if not to protect your child from freezing temperatures and cold nights? When going out on different hitchhiking events or even on camping trips, a simple tent would not be sufficient for keeping the interior warm enough for a relaxed night. The solution to such problems is solved when using a sleeping bag that will capture the warmth of the body and distribute it around the space to ensure a cozy night during sleep. The real problem comes with finding the right sleeping bags for girls. Though a lot of parents think that owning a sleeping bag is not economic but rather a luxury, they must understand that the kid must be kept warm during such adventures because the organism is not as advanced as an adult’s.

What To Look For When Shopping For Girls Sleeping Bag?

When looking for a particular type or even when you do not know where to begin, there are a series of key factors that must be taken in consideration for such products. Starting from the most important, the insulating material that is used to keep the warm air inside the bag so that the girl won’t get cold even if the temperatures drop below zero degrees. Also, make sure to let the girl choose whatever model or color she prefers because what is the purpose of a functional girls sleeping bag if it is not stylish and fitting to the kid’s age and length? It is also recommended that these terms should be explained to the child whenever you go searching for sleeping bags so that she will understand the importance of being protected against cold temperatures.

And a pro tip for starters that feel a bit overwhelmed from all the information: the type of the filler used for insulation. How does the filler affect the little one’s sleep? Let’s take for example, the fact that you are going camping on foot, and the little girl wants to carry her own sleeping bag, but it’s too heavy, so it could’ve been a good idea to choose a lightweight sleeping bag that will do the job. This is where the filler factor kicks in: if the synthetic material is used then you are going to buy a cheap, but sturdy sleeping bag that will be water resistant but, as a downside, the insulation power will drop every time you pack the bag. Or, you choose a natural insulating material then you will get a lightweight, easy to handle and powerful insulating material which will work best against dry conditions, but it will be much more expensive and not recommended to children who are allergic to puffy materials.

What are the advantages of using a sleeping bag?

The parents must understand that simple blankets, pillows and thick tents aren’t going to solve the temperature problem because one way or the other, the cold breeze will enter the tent and through the blankets thus changing the temperature for the worst during camping nights. Sleeping bags are specially designed to be resistant to cold temperatures and even in areas where the humidity levels can be high. The main advantages that will overtake any conventional method are the interior air temperature, the waterproof capabilities and then wind resistance.

You Get What You Pay For

From square sleeping bags to mummy shaped bags and even sleeping pods, they all offer different types of performances during camping trips. Thus, you must make sure that you choose the right kinds, depending on where you are going. The square sleeping bags are basic and offer a large space on the lower side for the feet so the kid won’t feel constricted when using it. The mummy shaped sleeping bags are tapered at the lower side to keep the warm air inside and without any areas for it to escape. The sleeping pod type are recommended for outdoor camping activities because they provide a much wider space thus making them ideal even for sleepovers.

If You Cannot Decide On What to Buy

If you feel that you need a little guidance on where to start from or what to purchase, then it is understandable because there are numerous factors that should be taken in consideration when looking for the right sleeping bag for your little girl. The weight can be a problem if you plan on going by foot, and also, the method of transportation can be quite a stall because some sleeping bags do not come with their sacks, so, for starters, these models will give help you decide faster.

Wenzel Moose sleeping bag

  • Overview – great for camping during the summer and being able to resist at temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit, this sleeping bag will make sure that its design will keep the warm temperatures at inside with its insulating materials
  • Features – cozy materials that resemble satin offer soft feel sturdy enough to withstand any wear and tear
  • Pros – elastic straps that guarantee an easier handling when not in use
  • Cons – the stitches might come apart after a few washes
  • Dimensions – 66 by 26 inches weighing at 3 pounds


Slumberjack Kid’s Girl Scout 30 Degree sleeping bags

  • Overview – a versatile sleeping bag which is functional and fun and also loaded with features that will present an advantage against heat loss and cold temperatures thus making this a perfect model for outdoor camping
  • Features – built in pillows with interior pockets for keeping different stuff inside and also a transportation sack is included
  • Pros – the materials is of lasting quality and will not show any signs of degradation over time
  • Cons – the sack is quite small and seems to not be able to withhold the entire sleeping bag
  • Dimensions – 30 by 72 inches weighing at 3.1 pounds

Disney Youth Princess sleeping bag

  • Overview – by taking the wonders of fairy tales closer to the little princess, this sleeping bag offers a genuine way of transportation while giving quality over price because of its sturdy stitching and easy to handle zipper
  • Features – polyester materials make it easy to wash and not susceptible to degradation from water washing
  • Pros – easy to handle and put away, even the little princess can do it
  • Cons – not recommended for use in temperatures under 50 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Dimensions – weighing at 2.6 pounds



Hello Kitty Youth sleeping bag

  • Overview – another comfortable and easy to store model that can become a perfect birthday present for a little girl and also as an excellent bedding during camping nights because it offers protection from cold winds and temperatures with ease
  • Features – easy to use zipper while the cloth is filled with a thick polyester fill for better insulation
  • Pros – perfect for sleepovers and indoor camping
  • Cons – recommended for children under 6 years old
  • Dimensions – weighting 3.4 pounds

Wildkin Fairies Nap Mat

  • Overview – sweet dreams will come to your daughter when using such a sleeping bag because of its warm interior which will keep the body warm during cold nights and comfortable enough to ensure a good night’s sleep
  • Features – all the components are lead-free and chemical-free, and the exterior is cotton combined with polyester for better insulation
  • Pros – a great starter sleeping bag for preschoolers and daycares
  • Cons – not very durable during washing as the color tends to fade off
  • Dimensions – 50 by 20 inches weighing at 2 pounds




Monster High slumber tote

  • Overview – your little girl will stand out in a slumber party when using this colorful sleeping bag because it includes all the necessary equipment for a successful slumber party and even for outdoor camping and such
  • Features – included in the pack are a pillow, a carry tote and the slumber sack, all for easier handling
  • Pros – a polyester slumber sack makes it possible for outdoor camping because of its insulation capabilities
  • Cons – the material might susceptible to fade when washing it
  • Dimensions – 14 by 12 inches weighting 1.2 pounds

What you must remember from all this

There aren’t any perfect sleeping bags on the market, so you practically get you pay for. Instead, what you must focus on is the fact that every sleeping bag is designed to withstand a certain low level of temperatures, and thus making them ideal for outdoor camping. A lot of them might not have a high durability factor, but if you want, you must take in consideration is the insulating material used and the purpose for what you are going to use it. So, even if your little girl might use just once, it should do the job just fine without any drawbacks.

Best Toddlers Sleeping Bags for Camping

By   September 20, 2014

Why would a toddler want a sleeping bag? He is not going on adventures or on camping all by himself and of course; he wouldn’t be able to carry the sack all by himself? Well, some toddlers will express a desire, even from early ages, for using their own sleeping bag or sleeping space. A lot of parents think that buying a sleeping bag for a toddler who will outgrow in a season is not economic, while some of them think that owning a toddler sleeping bag for camping is a luxury item. Indeed, these are essential for keeping the kids warm during camping or other adventures, especially when you are wandering around the places where temperature can drop heavily.

Getting the right sleeping bag

You don’t have to select the first model that you encounter in the store if this isn’t about what you desire; it is about what the child wants and what he likes. Also, it would be best for you to check on a wide array of models and then let the little one start testing them and let him choose what he prefers. Not to worry about the insulation materials used, or if it will keep the child warm during those cold nights because a lot of the sleeping bags are manufactured of good stuff, the main difference being the color, the size or the price.

Also, when looking for the right sleeping bag, make sure that you take the comfort temperature which is the temperature during the night in consideration at which you are going to feel warm.

Taking the above-mentioned criteria in consideration, sleeping bags for toddlers can be classified in this order:

  • Summer sleeping bags: comfort temperature being well over 1 degree Celsius;
  • Three seasons sleeping bags: comfort temperature between minus 12 degrees and 1 degree Celsius;
  • Winter sleeping bags: comfort temperature ranging from minus 20 degrees to minus 12 degrees Celsius;
  • Expedition sleeping bags: these models hold temperatures of under minus 20 degrees Celsius outside with ease.

Why not a tent?

Sure, using a tent can be an alternative to a sleeping bag, but it can get a bit cramped up inside if, for instance, as a parent you had two or three kids. Also, sleeping tents are not made for keeping the warmth inside because of their thin materials that are used just for simple protection against changing weather and sun. Also, they are not as durable as a sleeping bag because in a tent, if you are not careful, you can rip the materials and even collapse the structure, and thus, this is a huge minus because no one wants to rebuild a tent after fifteen minutes of using it.

What to look for as a parent?

If your child has already chosen a sleeping bag, it will be best to have a look at the bag’s specifications before buying it. The best on how to proceed is to talk to the child while explaining about the requirements of a sleeping bag aside from nice colors. You must take in consideration tons of factors, such as the internal air temperature, the relative humidity, the wind speed and, of course, make sure that it is appropriate for the general weather that you will encounter. There are mummy shaped bags, for example, that will keep the child warm all around and won’t let the hot air escape through the head or other orifices. There are some more factors to be considered because they are a real life changer when choosing a sleeping bag. The comfort temperature ranges from a person to another, especially when it comes to children because little girls are more susceptible to cold than boys. Also, if you offer the little one a hot drink before a night’s sleep, it will increase the interior temperature of the body and also affect the comfort temperature.

Still can’t decide on what to get?

It is imperative to choose a sleeping bag for the kid if you are going on a camping trip because it will keep them warmer and happier. You must understand that the gear you pay for is what you will get, so you should take a look at these next models that should give you a hunch on what you should look for.

Kelty Toddler’s Woobie 30 Degree Sleeping Bag

  • Overview – this model will offer the toddler a restful night because of its synthetic insulation that will keep the body warm even during temperatures as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit so the wider shape will make it easier for the child to accommodate inside
  • Features – a top draft collar with a draft tube zipper and a transportation sack included for easier handling
  • Pros – it has a mummy shape which will keep the warm air inside the bag
  • Cons – polyester taffeta fabric which will be hard to wash
  • Dimensions – 42 by 44 inches weighing at 2.3 pounds

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Mollie Sleeping Bag

  • Overview – while not as thick as other sleeping bags, this is specifically designed to offer a nice experience indoors for the little kids because of its interior insulating materials which will keep temperatures at a warm feeling
  • Features – a carrying bag for easier transportation stuffed with polyester for a cozy feeling during sleepovers.
  • Pros – the inside features a cotton lining for a warmer temperature
  • Cons – nylon exterior that can be a bit hard for operate with
  • Dimensions – 61 by 26 inches weighting 2.2 pounds

Melissa & Doug Augie Alligator Sleeping Bag

  • Overview – this is another perfect model for indoor camping or maybe slumber parties because it tends to keep a warm temperature inside as opposed to those heavy duty sleeping bags that are designed to withstand freezing temperatures
  • Features – good quality featured by a sturdy build to withstand wear and tear while keeping the interior temperature at cozy levels
  • Pros – polyester interior that offers the possibility to be washed by a machine
  • Cons – the fabric can be loud for light sleepers and might interrupt sleeping
  • Dimensions – 68 by 36 inches weighing at 2.5 pounds

Kelty Woobie Sleeping Bag

  • Overview – a superb starter bag for keeping the toddler protected for freezing temperatures overnight while ensuring a warm temperature inside the sleeping bag’s body for a perfect night’s sleep
  • Features – the mummy like shape will keep the child head warm and protected from violent winds while the interior maintains above hot levels against cold temperatures
  • Pros – cloud loft insulation which offers maximum insulation over easy handling
  • Cons – recommended for ages 6 and up
  • Dimensions – 54 by 25 inches weighing at 2.2 pounds




The Shrunks Indoor Sleeping Bag for Shrunk toddler travel bed

  • Overview – this is an ecological sleeping bag that doesn’t contain chemicals and offers the right amount of protection against cold temperature while keeping the child in a comfortable state during the night hours.
  • Features – the bed can be inflated and deflated quickly, and its raised borders are a plus against rolling over
  • Pros – water resistant exterior and perfect for slumber parties
  • Cons – the fleece lining might make it a bit too fuzzy after a couple of wears
  • Dimensions – 14.3 by 10.8 inches weighing at 2.9 pounds

In the end

As said before, sleeping bags are a necessity because the weather is very unpredictable during camping trips. When you have a small child on board, it is imperative that his protection must come first because the young ones don’t have the same immunity system, and, therefore, require extra care during cold weather. So, as a conclusion, regardless of what other people say, make sure that you get the right kind of sleeping bag for the little one according to his age and where he will use it.

How To Choose Best Double Sleeping Bag

By   September 20, 2014

Sleeping bag is the perfect protective bag for those that want to experience the outdoor pleasure of sleeping under the sky with the full view of the stars gazing upon them. Its design is quite similar to a sack, while having a couple of extra functions keep it apart from traditional sleeping sacks, for example, a zipper is present for ensuring a tight space around the user’s body, so that the hot air doesn’t escape from the inside (mainly providing thermal insulation and warmth during those cold mountain hitchhiker nights).

The theory behind it all

Sleeping bags aren’t made through rocket science, but there is a standardization test that normalizes the temperatures at which a sleeping bag must function to ensure a comfortable use. For example, the upper limit of the sleeping must have the highest temperature to ensure a comfortable sleep, while the lower limit contains the lowest temperature at which an adult can sleep. That is why different grades of insulating materials are used for a sleeping bag and that’s why no one can create a sleeping bag without a bit of science.

Save up space with a double sleeping bag

Right until now, some of you thought about sleeping bags made for just one person, like those small ones that everyone carries around when they’re camping and so on. However for those, who feel like sharing an extra space with that special someone, or just want bigger surface to relax on without feeling a space constraint, then there’s the double sleeping bag that does the same thing that a normal sleeping bag does, only twice the size. You might think to yourself, why choose a double sleeping bag?

Maybe I can buy two normal sleeping bags and still pay less. Well, that is not entirely the case. The primary purpose of a double sleeping bag is to avoid an encumbrance when going on foot. It practically folds to the same size a normal sleeping bag would do, so would save a lot more space either in the trunk of the car or even on the backpack.

Should you go with a double sleeping bag?

It all depends to you. The type of sleeping bag that you choose reflects your desire and need. If you are going on a solo adventure or with some friends and find that everyone will be using their own sleeping bag, then it would be best for you to use a normal one, or maybe a double sleeping bag if you think that you need the extra space because you tend to move a lot during sleep. Or, you can think this way: if you are the proud parents of two children, then you can easily buy a double sleeping bag for them to learn about the value of sharing and also make them comfortable in doing all sorts of brotherly bonding activities.

You want a double sleeping bag, but can’t choose

In the next paragraphs, there will be four double sleeping bags reviewes for you so that you can easily choose the right one depending on your needs or your preferences.

The Grizzly 2 Person 0 Degree Canvas Sleeping Bag

  • Overview – This has “heavy duty” written all over it durable, and it is able to withstand a lot of wear and tear during use without any material degradation whatsoever.
  • Features – It is specifically designed for children, firstly because it is very resistant, and second because of its soft Hyperloft insulation which can withstand all sorts of climate changes while maintaining the interior temperature unchanged. Also, another good thing to take in consideration is the cotton canvas shell which is double layered to support a good amount usage before breaking or losing its color.
  • Pros- it features a different implementation from the standard sleeping bag, and that is a cushion which is mounted on the air bed that doesn’t overheat during warm nights. A lot of detail has been put in this sleeping bag, making the zippers tough and big, the flannel cozy and soft, and the canvas the perfect size. As a bonus to other types of sleeping bags, this one comes with a storage container in which you can get the bag back in without the need of extra strength
  • Cons – The interior material used needs a little more effort and attention when washing the sleeping bag.
  • Dimensions – it measures a 90 inch long by 65 wide with a total bag weight of about 15.7.


Outsunny Two-Person Double Wide sleeping bag

Overview – This is designed with coziness in mind. This sleeping bag is perfect for those that go on climbing trips, backpacking adventures, camping and even for slumber parties indoor or outdoor.

  • Features – It features a full-length zipper with two zipper pulls added for extra easy operation of the bag while opening or closing it. But, its uniqueness comes from the ability to resist to low temperatures starting from -5 degrees Celsius and you still wouldn’t feel a difference in heat change.
  • Pros – It comes with two mounted pillows for extra head comfort and a storage sack for easier handling. This is the advantage of having a double sleeping back such as this: you do not have to carry any extra weight to get the complete experience under the sky while camping or just relaxing.
  • Cons – Depending on the preference, those two pillows could’ve been more fluffy
  • Dimensions – this is a wide 86 by 59 inches sleeping bag which is perfect for that extra space.

Huge Double Sleeping Bag 2 Person Camping Hiking

  • Overview – This is a new model that hit the market not long ago and it tends to keep the idea of space on top of anything else. The design features an envelope style sleeping bag which is light-weight and doesn’t need to compensate with anything else to keep you warm.
  • Features – After a day of hiking and climbing or camping in the sunlight, then a well night’s rest is well deserved and this sleeping bag offers just that. The materials used are, of course, insulated for keeping the warm temperatures inside and the cold ones outside, it is also waterproof and it comes with two pillows for extra comfort and a sturdy zipper on the side for easier entrance.
  • Pros – Nothing new to add here. Instead, a carrier bag is present for this model to ensure an easier portability within the trip, one of the biggest pros it’s this is one of the cheap double sleeping bags.
  • Cons – The exterior material can cause static electricity if rubbed against a similar surface for too long.
  • Dimensions – it measures at about 86 by 60 inches, and it’s the widest and most spacious model.


Finding a suitable sleeping bag isn’t going to be a problem taking in consideration the fact that four of them are already reviewed for you in this article. Of course, there might be other models that can compete with these, but you can be sure that these will win. And, it is best not to forget, when choosing the right sleeping bag, think about where you will need it, how much you are going to use it, and how will it serve you in the trip. Either being outdoor or indoor, at home during a slumber party or near the mountains alongside a cozy camping fire,  to get one of best double sleeping bag is recommended because of its versatility and highly usable space in which you can store your clothes without them getting cold and thus keeping them warm for when you want to get dressed.