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Sleeping bag is the perfect protective bag for those that want to experience the outdoor pleasure of sleeping under the sky with the full view of the stars gazing upon them. Its design is quite similar to a sack, while having a couple of extra functions keep it apart from traditional sleeping sacks, for example, a zipper is present for ensuring a tight space around the user’s body, so that the hot air doesn’t escape from the inside (mainly providing thermal insulation and warmth during those cold mountain hitchhiker nights).

The theory behind it all

Sleeping bags aren’t made through rocket science, but there is a standardization test that normalizes the temperatures at which a sleeping bag must function to ensure a comfortable use. For example, the upper limit of the sleeping must have the highest temperature to ensure a comfortable sleep, while the lower limit contains the lowest temperature at which an adult can sleep. That is why different grades of insulating materials are used for a sleeping bag and that’s why no one can create a sleeping bag without a bit of science.

Save up space with a double sleeping bag

Right until now, some of you thought about sleeping bags made for just one person, like those small ones that everyone carries around when they’re camping and so on. However for those, who feel like sharing an extra space with that special someone, or just want bigger surface to relax on without feeling a space constraint, then there’s the double sleeping bag that does the same thing that a normal sleeping bag does, only twice the size. You might think to yourself, why choose a double sleeping bag?

Maybe I can buy two normal sleeping bags and still pay less. Well, that is not entirely the case. The primary purpose of a double sleeping bag is to avoid an encumbrance when going on foot. It practically folds to the same size a normal sleeping bag would do, so would save a lot more space either in the trunk of the car or even on the backpack.

Should you go with a double sleeping bag?

It all depends to you. The type of sleeping bag that you choose reflects your desire and need. If you are going on a solo adventure or with some friends and find that everyone will be using their own sleeping bag, then it would be best for you to use a normal one, or maybe a double sleeping bag if you think that you need the extra space because you tend to move a lot during sleep. Or, you can think this way: if you are the proud parents of two children, then you can easily buy a double sleeping bag for them to learn about the value of sharing and also make them comfortable in doing all sorts of brotherly bonding activities.

You want a double sleeping bag, but can’t choose

In the next paragraphs, there will be four double sleeping bags reviewes for you so that you can easily choose the right one depending on your needs or your preferences.

The Grizzly 2 Person 0 Degree Canvas Sleeping Bag

  • Overview – This has “heavy duty” written all over it durable, and it is able to withstand a lot of wear and tear during use without any material degradation whatsoever.
  • Features – It is specifically designed for children, firstly because it is very resistant, and second because of its soft Hyperloft insulation which can withstand all sorts of climate changes while maintaining the interior temperature unchanged. Also, another good thing to take in consideration is the cotton canvas shell which is double layered to support a good amount usage before breaking or losing its color.
  • Pros- it features a different implementation from the standard sleeping bag, and that is a cushion which is mounted on the air bed that doesn’t overheat during warm nights. A lot of detail has been put in this sleeping bag, making the zippers tough and big, the flannel cozy and soft, and the canvas the perfect size. As a bonus to other types of sleeping bags, this one comes with a storage container in which you can get the bag back in without the need of extra strength
  • Cons – The interior material used needs a little more effort and attention when washing the sleeping bag.
  • Dimensions – it measures a 90 inch long by 65 wide with a total bag weight of about 15.7.


Outsunny Two-Person Double Wide sleeping bag

Overview – This is designed with coziness in mind. This sleeping bag is perfect for those that go on climbing trips, backpacking adventures, camping and even for slumber parties indoor or outdoor.

  • Features – It features a full-length zipper with two zipper pulls added for extra easy operation of the bag while opening or closing it. But, its uniqueness comes from the ability to resist to low temperatures starting from -5 degrees Celsius and you still wouldn’t feel a difference in heat change.
  • Pros – It comes with two mounted pillows for extra head comfort and a storage sack for easier handling. This is the advantage of having a double sleeping back such as this: you do not have to carry any extra weight to get the complete experience under the sky while camping or just relaxing.
  • Cons – Depending on the preference, those two pillows could’ve been more fluffy
  • Dimensions – this is a wide 86 by 59 inches sleeping bag which is perfect for that extra space.

Huge Double Sleeping Bag 2 Person Camping Hiking

  • Overview – This is a new model that hit the market not long ago and it tends to keep the idea of space on top of anything else. The design features an envelope style sleeping bag which is light-weight and doesn’t need to compensate with anything else to keep you warm.
  • Features – After a day of hiking and climbing or camping in the sunlight, then a well night’s rest is well deserved and this sleeping bag offers just that. The materials used are, of course, insulated for keeping the warm temperatures inside and the cold ones outside, it is also waterproof and it comes with two pillows for extra comfort and a sturdy zipper on the side for easier entrance.
  • Pros – Nothing new to add here. Instead, a carrier bag is present for this model to ensure an easier portability within the trip, one of the biggest pros it’s this is one of the cheap double sleeping bags.
  • Cons – The exterior material can cause static electricity if rubbed against a similar surface for too long.
  • Dimensions – it measures at about 86 by 60 inches, and it’s the widest and most spacious model.


Finding a suitable sleeping bag isn’t going to be a problem taking in consideration the fact that four of them are already reviewed for you in this article. Of course, there might be other models that can compete with these, but you can be sure that these will win. And, it is best not to forget, when choosing the right sleeping bag, think about where you will need it, how much you are going to use it, and how will it serve you in the trip. Either being outdoor or indoor, at home during a slumber party or near the mountains alongside a cozy camping fire,  to get one of best double sleeping bag is recommended because of its versatility and highly usable space in which you can store your clothes without them getting cold and thus keeping them warm for when you want to get dressed.

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