Camping has always been a popular pastime but, in the last couple of years with more and more families on strict budgets, camping has really grown in popularity as more and more people discover that camping allows them to have a terrific vacation that is affordable on almost any budget. With inexpensive and free campsites to be found all you really need is the right outdoor camping gear.

Just what constitutes the right outdoor camping gear? That pretty much depends on who you are and the kind of camping experience you are looking for. Some people enjoy being minimalist when they camp taking only those items that are absolutely necessary to survive for a week end or even a week in the wild. Other families, want to vacation in comfort and bring along a truck load of camp supplies to create a home away from home. For those who have never camped before but, are considering giving it a try, here is the outdoor camping gear you will absolutely need to make your camping trip a success.



Whether living life in general or enjoying a few days in the woods or on that beach having a protective shelter is a must and the first thing you should purchase when buying camp supplies. Here is what you need to set up a proper shelter.

  • Tent
  • ground tarp (this will help to keep the bottom of your tent dry and help prevent punctures caused by small stones or sticks.)
  • extra stakes ( in case one of your tent stakes break or you want to put up a tarp for additional shade.)
  • Axe and hammer
  • dust pan and brush
  • sleeping bag
  • sleeping pad

For those looking for a little more comfort you might want to include the following outdoor camping gear for your shelter.

  • Air mattress and pump
  • extra pillows and blankets
  • extra tarp to provide extra shade or to make a rain fly over your tent.

Cooking And Eating

Of course one of the most necessary and fun Camping Activities is eating around that open fire. However, in order to eat one has to cook, so here are the camp supplies that come in handy for setting up that camp kitchen.

  • Large water jug ( you may have several if you need to carry your own fresh water.)
  • bucket
  • coolers/ice
  • matches or lighter
  • firewood or charcoal ( some places allow you to use dead fall and some places don’t allow you to bring firewood into the campground so check with the campground to see what is allowed.)
  • dishes, cooking pans, utensils for cooking and eating
  • dish soap, dish towel and dish rag
  • Aluminum foil
  • food storage containers
  • oven mitts
  • can openers
  • food

If you have not done much cooking over an open fire you may also want to include a portable cook stove and grill among your camp supplies.

Other Necessities

Other necessities that should be including among your outdoor camping gear includes:

  • plenty of clothing including jackets and a change of shoes
  • lanterns
  • insect repellent
  • whistles
  • first aid kit

If you are camping off the beaten path you may also want to consider bringing along a compass and water purification tablets just in case.

While there are many other camp supplies you can bring along to increase your comfort while enjoying the great out of doors this basic outdoor camping gear is all that is really necessary to get out and experience life in the great out of doors.

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