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How To Choose Sleeping Bags For Girls ?

What is the purpose of a sleeping bag if not to protect your child from freezing temperatures and cold nights? When going out on different hitchhiking events or even on camping trips, a simple tent would not be sufficient for keeping the interior warm enough for a relaxed night. The solution to such problems is solved when using a sleeping bag that will capture the warmth of the body and distribute it around the space to ensure a cozy night during sleep. The real problem comes with finding the right sleeping bags for girls. Though a lot of parents think that owning a sleeping bag is not economic but rather a luxury, they must understand that the kid must be kept warm during such adventures because the organism is not as advanced as an adult’s.

What To Look For When Shopping For Girls Sleeping Bag?

When looking for a particular type or even when you do not know where to begin, there are a series of key factors that must be taken in consideration for such products. Starting from the most important, the insulating material that is used to keep the warm air inside the bag so that the girl won’t get cold even if the temperatures drop below zero degrees. Also, make sure to let the girl choose whatever model or color she prefers because what is the purpose of a functional girls sleeping bag if it is not stylish and fitting to the kid’s age and length? It is also recommended that these terms should be explained to the child whenever you go searching for sleeping bags so that she will understand the importance of being protected against cold temperatures.

And a pro tip for starters that feel a bit overwhelmed from all the information: the type of the filler used for insulation. How does the filler affect the little one’s sleep? Let’s take for example, the fact that you are going camping on foot, and the little girl wants to carry her own sleeping bag, but it’s too heavy, so it could’ve been a good idea to choose a lightweight sleeping bag that will do the job. This is where the filler factor kicks in: if the synthetic material is used then you are going to buy a cheap, but sturdy sleeping bag that will be water resistant but, as a downside, the insulation power will drop every time you pack the bag. Or, you choose a natural insulating material then you will get a lightweight, easy to handle and powerful insulating material which will work best against dry conditions, but it will be much more expensive and not recommended to children who are allergic to puffy materials.

What are the advantages of using a sleeping bag?

The parents must understand that simple blankets, pillows and thick tents aren’t going to solve the temperature problem because one way or the other, the cold breeze will enter the tent and through the blankets thus changing the temperature for the worst during camping nights. Sleeping bags are specially designed to be resistant to cold temperatures and even in areas where the humidity levels can be high. The main advantages that will overtake any conventional method are the interior air temperature, the waterproof capabilities and then wind resistance.

You Get What You Pay For

From square sleeping bags to mummy shaped bags and even sleeping pods, they all offer different types of performances during camping trips. Thus, you must make sure that you choose the right kinds, depending on where you are going. The square sleeping bags are basic and offer a large space on the lower side for the feet so the kid won’t feel constricted when using it. The mummy shaped sleeping bags are tapered at the lower side to keep the warm air inside and without any areas for it to escape. The sleeping pod type are recommended for outdoor camping activities because they provide a much wider space thus making them ideal even for sleepovers.

If You Cannot Decide On What to Buy

If you feel that you need a little guidance on where to start from or what to purchase, then it is understandable because there are numerous factors that should be taken in consideration when looking for the right sleeping bag for your little girl. The weight can be a problem if you plan on going by foot, and also, the method of transportation can be quite a stall because some sleeping bags do not come with their sacks, so, for starters, these models will give help you decide faster.

Wenzel Moose sleeping bag

  • Overview – great for camping during the summer and being able to resist at temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit, this sleeping bag will make sure that its design will keep the warm temperatures at inside with its insulating materials
  • Features – cozy materials that resemble satin offer soft feel sturdy enough to withstand any wear and tear
  • Pros – elastic straps that guarantee an easier handling when not in use
  • Cons – the stitches might come apart after a few washes
  • Dimensions – 66 by 26 inches weighing at 3 pounds


Slumberjack Kid’s Girl Scout 30 Degree sleeping bags

  • Overview – a versatile sleeping bag which is functional and fun and also loaded with features that will present an advantage against heat loss and cold temperatures thus making this a perfect model for outdoor camping
  • Features – built in pillows with interior pockets for keeping different stuff inside and also a transportation sack is included
  • Pros – the materials is of lasting quality and will not show any signs of degradation over time
  • Cons – the sack is quite small and seems to not be able to withhold the entire sleeping bag
  • Dimensions – 30 by 72 inches weighing at 3.1 pounds

Disney Youth Princess sleeping bag

  • Overview – by taking the wonders of fairy tales closer to the little princess, this sleeping bag offers a genuine way of transportation while giving quality over price because of its sturdy stitching and easy to handle zipper
  • Features – polyester materials make it easy to wash and not susceptible to degradation from water washing
  • Pros – easy to handle and put away, even the little princess can do it
  • Cons – not recommended for use in temperatures under 50 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Dimensions – weighing at 2.6 pounds



Hello Kitty Youth sleeping bag

  • Overview – another comfortable and easy to store model that can become a perfect birthday present for a little girl and also as an excellent bedding during camping nights because it offers protection from cold winds and temperatures with ease
  • Features – easy to use zipper while the cloth is filled with a thick polyester fill for better insulation
  • Pros – perfect for sleepovers and indoor camping
  • Cons – recommended for children under 6 years old
  • Dimensions – weighting 3.4 pounds

Wildkin Fairies Nap Mat

  • Overview – sweet dreams will come to your daughter when using such a sleeping bag because of its warm interior which will keep the body warm during cold nights and comfortable enough to ensure a good night’s sleep
  • Features – all the components are lead-free and chemical-free, and the exterior is cotton combined with polyester for better insulation
  • Pros – a great starter sleeping bag for preschoolers and daycares
  • Cons – not very durable during washing as the color tends to fade off
  • Dimensions – 50 by 20 inches weighing at 2 pounds




Monster High slumber tote

  • Overview – your little girl will stand out in a slumber party when using this colorful sleeping bag because it includes all the necessary equipment for a successful slumber party and even for outdoor camping and such
  • Features – included in the pack are a pillow, a carry tote and the slumber sack, all for easier handling
  • Pros – a polyester slumber sack makes it possible for outdoor camping because of its insulation capabilities
  • Cons – the material might susceptible to fade when washing it
  • Dimensions – 14 by 12 inches weighting 1.2 pounds

What you must remember from all this

There aren’t any perfect sleeping bags on the market, so you practically get you pay for. Instead, what you must focus on is the fact that every sleeping bag is designed to withstand a certain low level of temperatures, and thus making them ideal for outdoor camping. A lot of them might not have a high durability factor, but if you want, you must take in consideration is the insulating material used and the purpose for what you are going to use it. So, even if your little girl might use just once, it should do the job just fine without any drawbacks.

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